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Crowd Control Is A Real MMO Problem. WildStar Has The Solution.

Maybe there is something to this whole WildStar being subscription-based MMO thing. Every time I turn around, the folks at Carbine Studios are rolling out some incredibly fresh idea, like a "Disarm" skill that makes you have to run after your weapon. It's sorcery! Let's see how the game handles other annoying forms of crowd control.


Some of these might not be a big deal to traditional gamers, but in the MMO space some of this is revolutionary, or at least fresh enough that I've never seen it all together in one place. It can keep its number two most exciting spot.


Update: Maybe the video would help.

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Nick Clinite

Why is this called Crowd Control when it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with crowds? I thought we had a name for this sort of thing in RPG's: status effects. Why did MMO's have to invent new useless terminology for it?