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Crossbows and Vampire Lords in Dawnguard Look Amazing in Action

If you were excited about Dawnguard, Skyrim's first piece of DLC, before, wait until you see it in action. The video shows you the vampire lord transformation and a ton of the skills that come with it, including summoning a gargoyle, using "vampiric grip" to lift enemies in the air, melee attacks and shooting energy balls. It also shows a bit of the Vampire Lord perk tree.

The video also shows off how crossbows work and a bit of the mounted combat.

Part two of the video confirms new shouts for the DLC. Watch it here:


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10-20 hours of content? Sounds kind of short for a Bethesda expansion, I could've sworn that they said the Shivering Isles was 50 hours or something.

Nevermind, they said 20-30 for The Shivering Isles and it looks like it was 30-40 for Bloodmoon. I kind of want to go to a new island or something, oh well.