Cross-Dressing Phoenix Wright Musical In Official Poster Form

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Soon to be appearing on a Hankyu train near you, here is the official Gyakuten Saiban poster for the Takarazuka musical version. Previously, we brought word of this upcoming stage version due this February.


The Takarazuka Revue's Cosmos troupe will bring its crossing-dressing musical sense to a stage version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, complete with romance and intrigue. The poster's tagline is typical Takarazuka gush:

"Can you believe the person you love...
Can you keep on believing..."

Phoenix Wright as a love story with only women? Yeah. Okay. Why not. The play's full title is Gyakuten Saiban: Resurrected Truth. Our verdict: THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT.


宝塚版『逆転裁判』のストーリーは恋愛ものになりそうだ [はちま起稿]

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huh.. as long as the objections are loud and mighty. however i question the tagline. the game is about justice and the love has only been fan shipping so far except if you did trials and tribulations

but what is with the need to use all same gender casts. see in DC. we had a rivalry the Dc Shakespeare decide romeo and juliet should be done with an all male cast. which apparently prompted another theater troupe to go all female version. why can't we just go by the genders specified in the books it still a great story no need for gimmicks