Creepypasta Spins The Strange And Unsettling Circumstances Around Cancelled Tomb Raider Game

Hot take: Angel of Darkness isn’t that bad.
Hot take: Angel of Darkness isn’t that bad.
Screenshot: Eidos Interactive/YouTube

As I was doomscrolling (heh) Twitter early this morning (a deeply unhealthy part of my morning ritual) I came across a thread written by Xalavier Nelson Jr., former PC Magazine writer and Narrative Designer on ‘90s internet simulation Hypnospace Outlaw. Nelson’s thread hooked me from the very beginning, promising a never-before-heard story about a video game’s development, from people who wish to remain anonymous—always the hallmarks of a great tale.

From there, Nelson took me on a wild ride full of eccentric creative directors, felony arson, and an ending that makes the whole 90-tweet thread worth it.

“This is how a cancelled Tomb Raider mobile game basically predicted 2020,” Nelson begins.


Read the whole story here:

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Listen, I always love a good joke that goes way, way, WAY too long for the sake of a terrible pun. I once nearly got kicked from my WoW guild during a raid for telling a 45 minute joke that ended with a lame pun.