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While BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins isn't out until next month, PC players can get a head start building their avatar with the Dragon Age Character Creator, now available for download.

You might not know where you'll be going, but you'll sure know who you'll be. BioWare has released the entire character creation process for the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins as a free download on the official website. The download is around 370mb or so, and once installed it allows you to completely create your Dragon Age character, save it, and then import it once the full game hits store shelves and digital distribution channels.


I love BioWare for doing this. This is exactly the sort of pre-release application that gets me excited about sinking my time and teeth into an epic RPG. They've got versions in German, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, and Hungarian, so not being able to read what I am typing here is no excuse.

Character Creator Now Online! [Dragon Age - Thanks PurpleChair!]

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