Crazy Taxi, Sonic, SNK Classics & Quake, Coming Soon To Xbox Live Arcade

If some screenshots are to be believed, a number of classic Dreamcast and PC titles are about to be released on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service for the 360.

The screens, captured by MasterChief over on the Digiex forums, reportedly show a number of pre-release screenshots for Xbox Live Arcade verisons of Crazy taxi and Quake Arena (which has been coming for an eternity), while mention is also made of Sonic Adventure and a bunch of SNK games we already knew about, like King of Fighters 2002, Metal Slug XX and Battle Coliseum.


The presence of those already-announced-for-Japan games lends the list some credence, and while it'll be nice to play one more round of Crazy Taxi, Quake Live might be the real winner of the bunch.

Unannounced XBLA games and screenshots leaked, including Crazy Taxi and Quake Arena [Digiex]

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