Crazy Russian Jumps 98 Feet Off Building. While On Fire.

So, you know how in Assassin's Creed, the hero can jump off massive buildings, do a little flip in the air and somehow land alive? Turns out you can do that in real life, too. Even if you're on fire.


Of course, there are a few conditions you need to satisfy in order to pull it off. You need to be landing on a nice blanket of soft snow, for one. You also need to be a crazy mad Russian stunt person.

(via Daily Dot)



As a diagnosed acrophobe, I can only say this:

Oh. Fuck. No.

It's not the fire—it's the voluntary diving off a perfectly good, structurally sound building for no reason apart from, "won't this be awesome?"

I climb up onto our roof to clean the gutters (perhaps twenty feet off the ground) so my wife doesn't have to, because she has a bad knee—but I am not a happy camper the entire time I'm up there, and my eventual descent from the roof is neither pleasant nor particularly heroic.

My descent from Victory Tower at Ft. Jackson, SC was even less so.

-Fuck- doing something like this for no good reason. Fuck it twice.

But also good on the dude for having the stones to not only speak to what I assume are the local police, but also to give an on-camera interview with something approaching basic acumen and wherewithal.