God of War III art director Ken Feldman says he lobbied the PlayStation 3 game's director, Stig Asmussen, to consider switching the third-person hack and slash action game to be a first person shooter. Oh, Ken!

In an featured interview with CGSociety, Feldman says that he attempted to convince Asmussen that "Kratos could have some truly badass huge weapons that rip gods to shreds," presumably in the vein of chain guns or gorgon head launchers.


"Unfortunately," Feldman says, "he didn't see the genius in the idea."

Whether Mr. Feldman offered up that nugget of trivia with a smirk we don't know, but after having played Link's Crossbow Training for the Wii, we can't write this off as a terrible idea. A bad idea? Oh, totally. Just not terrible.

Developer interview with Art Director Ken Feldman and Lead Animator Bruno Velazquez. [CGSociety via MCV & Split-Screen]

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