Crazy Eyes Chun-Li Invades Shadaloo Lounge Party

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Did any of you make it out to Capcom's Chun-Li wake last week in Chinatown?


If you didn't, you missed dipping into Capcom's endless bar and hanging with a Kikoken of Chun-Li, including that one right there in the center. The one who's eyes say "I really am Chun-Li and I'll kick you in the ear if you disagree with me.

The little post Chun-Li movie release party also included a top-tier Street Fighter tourney which handed out $2,000 in prizes.


If you did go, where the F are our pictures???

Street Fighter Party at the Shadaloo Lounge [Capcom] [Pic via Capcom Unity, via Karaface]

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Darth Tigris

Hey Crecente, any chance that's Nadia Bjorlin from Days of our lives?


She's gorgeous as all get out, but sometimes those beautiful eyes make poo come out.