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Crappiest Friend Ever Crowned

Your votes have been tallied in the Kane & Lynch 2 Friend Betrayal Contest, and it's time to reveal our winner. It's a dubious honor, but our crappiest friend wins a copy of the game that exemplifies friend backstabbery, Kane & Lynch 2.

The Winning Entry, from Daniel M.:

Three years ago I pressured my friend Derek into playing World of Warcraft with me, which proved the ultimate betrayal, as I knew beforehand that he had an addictive personality. After I quit two years ago he just kept going. He's kept an active account consistently for that span of time and lost his job due to the frequency with which he looked up WoW information. He is currently unemployed in real life yet gainfully employed in World of Warcraft, in which he is an engineer, alchemist, leatherworker, blacksmith, et cet. He speaks with an almost religious fervor about the upcoming expansion and I see no hope for his recovery save an intervention, which I won't have for him, at least until after a copy of Kane & Lynch 2 has been awarded for my betrayal.


Congratulations, Daniel. You are a terrible friend of the highest order. Enjoy the game!

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days: Rated M for Mature. Out now!

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