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That Crackdown 2-themed issue of Game Informer we told you about yesterday is already finding its way into people's hands, meaning we're now armed with the knowledge that Pacific City ain't what it used to be.


While the basic layout of the city remains the same as that of the first game, things this time are a little different. There's still a crime war going on, but you'll notice that some buildings have changed, and others are gone completely, destroyed in battle.

As for characters and enemies, in addition to the cops and criminal factions there's also a mutating virus ravaging the city, meaning you now have to shoot at criminals and zombies.

The article also reveals some new vehicles, including helicopters, more variety in your melee attacks, and the fact you can now buy supplies in the field or have them flown in by the cops.

Crackdown 2 info explosion [CVG]

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