Crackdown 2 Dev Wants Your Graffiti

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Developer Ruffian Games is calling for user-made "awesome" graffiti to include in their upcoming game, Crackdown 2, because they're too lazy to make it themselves.


Ten years have passed in Pacific City since the end of the last game, and so things are supposed to look a lot sketchier than they did back when everything was nice and, uh, pristine. Now, though, "Deranged freaks roam the landscape, buildings have been wrecked beyond recognition, burnt out husks of cars litter the highways, there's dog mess and graffiti everywhere."

Or their would be "graffiti everywhere," if somebody would pretty please make it for them.


Ruffian is asking users to submit graffiti to this email address ( before December 9. The "winners" of this competition can expect to see their street art in the finished game — which is due out sometime next year.

Here's the minute details:

* Get your submissions to us in time, we need them by Wednesday the 9th of December
* Do not submit someone else's pictures without permission. We don't want to be tied up in a legal battles with spotty teenagers claiming we ripped off their work because you copied your entry from underneath the Staines underpass (the one near the chippy, not the one by the roundabout).
* Keep it clean. However tastefully or lovingly rendered goatse or tubgirl pics aren't going to end up in the game
* Submission format: 1024 x 1024 images please. Format doesn't matter that much. PNG is nice.

Awesome Crackdown 2 Graffiti Competition [Ruffian Games via Shacknews]

Image Cred: Steve Rotman is a Bay Area graffiti photojournalist, check him out on Flickr!

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Wow! I know some graffiti artist's around here. You may know some of their works like:

-____ was here

-____ is gay

-_____ is a slut

- (penis)

- (non-descript scribble)

I think I'll go around town and snap some photos of these to send in.