Covering The Westminster Dog Show While On Acid

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"That dog is crazy."

Oh, man. Sometimes, as a reporter, you have these ideas to do something crazy. It isn't that often that we get to follow through on those ideas. But every now and then, it pays off—as it does when Vice photographer Braydon Olsen covers the famous Westminster Dog Show while tripping his ass off on acid.


"Is that a term? 'Doggers?'"

You really should watch the whole video, which is a riot. It's partly funny because, well, people on drugs while other people don't know they're on drugs are usually funny. But it's also an informative look into the world of dog shows… I didn't know about Dog News, for example! And I bet the lights in the arena are indeed pretty cool.


Would you ever consider doing something like this? Have you ever been on drugs in a huge group of people? Are you into dog shows? Cat shows? Any other type of animal show?

Holler in the comments about that or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have pleasant discussions, and beware the brown acid.

The Westminster Dog Show… On Acid! [Vice via FilmDrunk]

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I feel a little bad. When I first skimmed over the article I figured it would be something like Borat. A bastard being an idiot around people who liked what they were doing, and didn't invite a jackass to come and look down on them.

Instead, it was really darn interesting, and kind of neat. I never thought I would say it, but as far as druggy firms go that was pretty darn tasteful. Sorry about the bad thoughts.