Court Injunction Or Not, R4 Devices Still On Sale In Akihabara

The Tokyo District Court ruled an injunction against the Chinese R4 makers for "violation under Japan's laws". You'd think that would mean one couldn't walk into a game shop and buy one. You'd think.


In late 2008, Nintendo (and 53 other companies) took legal action against the makers of the R4 cart, a device which allows, amongst other things, the pirating of games on a DS.

In the wake of last week's injunction, Yahoo! Auctions Japan has issued a notice that putting R4 devices up for sell on its site is now prohibited.

Even after the Tokyo District Court's injunction, stores in otaku shopping paradise Akihabara continue to opening advertise the R4, and the device seems widely available. Sure, there might be a lag for retail to catch up with the recent decision to prohibit selling the devices, but don't expect the R4 business in Japan to dry up any time soon.


マジコン違法判決後のアキバ 「任天堂勝利 販売禁止間近!」 [Akiba Blog]

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