Counter-Strike Player Wins Match By Closing Door Over And Over

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Beware, law-abiding citizens. Terrorism has a deadly new weapon: the door.

Counter-Strike player thenuker00 posted a highlight clip in which they—as the last surviving member of their team—stole back every last morsel of momentum the hands of fate had so cruelly wrenched away. By bopping the other team with a door. It was some Three Stooges shit.


Kinja kinda fucks up the resolution, but you get the idea. If you want to watch the full thing, go here.

The counter-terrorist team tries to chase thenuker00 down, but they’re simply not prepared for this brilliant door gambit, which I’m sure we’ll see imitated by players of all skill levels—especially pros—for years to come. It’s just, like, how do you cope with a door slamming in your face? How do any of us, really? It’s all too much, physically and emotionally. Indeed, to cherry pick a phrase from The Ball Sports, “THIS IS MY HOUSE. By which I mean I live here now, and if you try to come in, I will stab you to death.”

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Benjamin Zeman

Did they forget that the doors aren’t bulletproof..?