Counter-Strike: GO's First Mod Wants Braaaiiins!

Illustration for article titled emCounter-Strike: GO/ems First Mod Wants Braaaiiins!

When shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launches next week, it will have a Zombie Mod from the folks over at

"It was important to us as we developed CS:GO to make sure it was as moddable and extensible as any CS game," wrote Valve on its Counter-Strike blog. "So this is just one of many mods that will be available to CS:GO in the coming months."

As website VideoGamer points out, the mod can be downloaded via Steam.

Braaaiiiins! [ via VideoGamer]

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Yeah, this seems pretty accurate, I still play many zombie games now and then, never got bored of this subject ;]

What I don't understand is why CS:GO engine? Isn't it source engine? Isn't it the same old crap as CSS? For me CS died with CSS, it was turned into a massive steaming pile of horse shit. Net code and lag compensation was horrible, hitboxes were a joke. Rest didn't really matter for me, it lost fun factor, graphics meant nothing.