Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Brings Glorious HD Headshots Galore on August 21

Illustration for article titled emCounter-Strike: Global Offensive/em Brings Glorious HD Headshots Galore on August 21

Valve's announced that the next installment of the Counter-Strike global phenomenon will be a downloadable title for the PS3 Xbox 360 and PC/Mac. This August, CS: GO will feature new weapons, characters, maps alongside updated versions of classic Counter-Strike favorites. It'll cost about $15 on all platforms. We'll have more on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this week.

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You know what's funny? The official CSGO Twitter said last night, "Get ready for some highly anticipated news this week."

I really hope they weren't talking about this. See, highly anticipated news about Valve would be the unveiling of the next Half-Life game. The release date of CSGO? I don't care.