Counter-Strike Creator Working On New Game

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Minh Le is the co-creator of Counter-Strike, a game that even ten years on is still played by millions around the world. So when Le starts work on a new shooter, it's probably worth a look.


Having left Valve after saying nothankyou.jpg to the pressures of creating a Counter-Strike sequel, Le now has an office in South Korea, where he and a small team are working on a game called Tactical Intervention.

"I enjoyed Counter-Strike," Minh told IGN, "but I wanted to have my own game. I was never able to put in all the cool features I wanted because the people who played Counter-Strike would [complain] about all the changes. They liked the game as it is."


Don't expect something too different from Counter-Strike. After all, this is another take on a tried and tested formula, not an attempt at something brand new. So again it's terrorists vs agents, but the twists Le are adding include the presence of civilians throughout levels, and the inclusion of attack dogs, which can be used to stun opponents.

Tactical Intervention is for the PC, and should be out by the end of the year.

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I never had a system to play CS on. My computer has always been bleh and I just never felt like upgrading. Heard plenty of good things about it though. I wish they made this new game for PS3 though. Or maybe 360.