Countdown To The New Xbox Experience

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You've been hearing a lot of stuff about the New Xbox Experience over the last few months. How it'll change the 360, how it'll add a whole bunch of new features to the console, how it'll alter the very fabric of space and time around you. Well, provided you're not already playing around with it, the time for hearing about the NXE is almost over. The update is due to go live at 2:00am Pacific Time, November 19 (ie very, very soon) and provided everything goes according to plan, millions of blades and gamerpics around the world will cry out in terror, before being suddenly silenced. Then summarily replaced with something slicker, brighter and easier to use. If you're up (or are staying up) for it, and don't live on the West Coast of the USA, here's a chart showing just when 2am Pacific Time is for you. If that time is very late/very early for you, and your significant other asks why you're up, whatever you do, don't tell them it's for a major firmware update for a home video game console. UPDATE -'s out! Or, at least, it's out there for some. Microsoft say the rollout will take a few hours, and ask that you "be patient".

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Had it yesterday (nov.18th) for some reason. Came home from work around 530pm eastren time and was given the prompt to download it. Liking it so far