Countdown the Release of Star Wars: The Old Republic With Free Music

Illustration for article titled Countdown the Release of emStar Wars: The Old Republic/em With Free Music

Looking for a little intergalactic conflict music? Every day leading up to the game's December 20 launch BioWare is passing out free tracks from Star Wars: The Old Republic, perfect for endlessly looping while you stare at your calendar.

It's terribly nice of BioWare to provide us with some appropriate music as we careen headlong towards the last big game release of 2011. Fans eager for some orchestral magic can head over to the Star Wars: The Old Republic Facebook page, where two tracks — "Mandalorian Blockade" and "Korriban, The Homeworld" are already available for your listening and downloading pleasure. Then tune in each day for another track, at least until December 20, when you'll probably be busy with other things.

Note that these tracks are completely separate from ones included on the Collector's Edition soundtrack, so you'll have to wait until someone rips those and tosses them up on the internet for that particular CE benefit to be devalued.


Thanks for the tip, Vitas!

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So...... it's safe to say it now..... It's like any other freaking MMORPG on sale. It's like SW:Galaxies, LOTRO, WoW...

It's cool because it's Star Wars, and you get to play with a freaking light saber.... but it's just the same all over again :(