And I don't mean in singleplayer. I mean multiplayer. Because Glen McCracken is doing just that, trying to reach the maximum level 70 in multiplayer without killing a soul.

How the hell is he going to do that? He uses a riot shield, and gets his XP from grabbing flags in the game's Domination mode. Why the hell is he doing that? Because he's already maxxed out the old-fashioned way five times, and thinks this is an interesting challenge.


So far he's reached level 11, having recorded zero kills for 272 deaths. That's a great achievement considering that both the shield can still kill if your target has low enough health when you whack them.

Best of luck, Glen. Because if there's one thing the world needs more than angry men with weapons, it's love.

UPDATED: Modern Warfare 2 Player Attempting To Reach Rank 70 Without Killing Anyone [Game Informer]

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