Could Mii Mittens Possibly Be More Adorable?

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No. And, my God, do I want to be a baby right now, because I would scream bloody murder until someone knitted me a pair of bulbous, fingerless hand-warmers, Mii-style.


Say, if you have a baby, toddler or infant — or simply know someone with extremely tiny hands — and you have some knitting skills, why not whip them up some Mii mittens? The details on how to do something like this are available at Knitty — and look to have been for some time. Why weren't we informed?!

We're sure that a few of you out there gifted with needles and yarn can do the math required to tailor designer Michelle Hotchin's "Miittens" to regular sized human hands. If so, let us know.

Miittens [Knitty - thanks, Greg!]


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