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Cosplaying Politician Brings League of Legends of Life

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

South Korean Congressman Jun Byung-hun is no stranger to cosplay. Nor is he a stranger to League of Legends. And LoL cosplay? Well, this isn't his first rodeo.

As first reported last fall, Rep. Jun has embraced the country's gaming community and culture, and he has worked hard to promote eSports in South Korea.


Websites Gamtoon and GameMeca (via tipster Sang) report that his latest effort is cosplaying as Masked Shaco from League of Legends.


[Photo: Hankyung]

This past August, the congressman appeared on KeSPA's Starcraft II Proleague 2014 Season final, decked out in an Arcturus Mengsk costume from StarCraft II. He thanked all the fans for supporting eSports.


[Photo: Joins]

Sadly, Rep. Jun says this latest effort will be his last cosplay. Bummer! Hopefully, he'll keep doing his part to promote eSports. If only South Korea had more politicians like him—heck, if only everywhere did.


[포토] 샤코가 된 전병헌 회장, 롤드컵 4강 코스튬 플레이 현장 [GameMeca]

전병헌 회장, 롤드컵 4강 기념 '신바람 샤코' 코스프레 [GameToon]

전병헌 협회장 "코스프레는 신바람탈 샤코가 마지막" [Hankyung]

전병헌 KeSPA 회장, 이번에는 스타2 '멩스크'로 깜짝 변신 [Joins]

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