Cosplaying as a Curvy One Piece Character Ain't Easy!

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Japanese pop singer and AKB48 member Miku Tanabe loves cosplay. Some characters are a snap to dress up as. Others are not.


"I love doing it," blogged Tanabe, "but cosplaying large-chested characters is so tough!"

Tanabe is dressed as notoriously curvy One Piece character, Boa Hancock.

One cosplayer had better luck. Last fall, a Macau-born cosplayer named Sunny Lin captured the internet's attention with her Boa cosplay—she garnered so much attention that she made the February cover of glossy FHM Taiwan.

タナブマジ天使←。 [田名部生来 via おたスケ via ANN via Jefusion]



One Piece is hard... but try cosplaying something like XXXHolic... girl would have to be anorexic, impossibly tall and have some very disproportional limbs.

In fact Bash, didn't you publish something about some fashion magazine photoshop disaster that was kinda like this?