Cosplayers, Let's Hear Your Stories

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I’ve covered a lot of cosplay over the years, both on Kotaku and beyond. That’s a big reason this subsite dedicated 100% to the craft exists.Thing is, I’m not a cosplayer, so my stories and accounts have always been those of a fascinated outsider looking in.


While it’s fantastic that cosplayers, photographers, videographers, props builders and costume makers have been and continue to be awesome and send in their work to me to share on this site, I’d like to see (and read) more stories from the ground level. First-hand accounts of people’s lives and pastimes working around this fascinating artform, from the folks actually making, wearing and recording the outfits that the internet loves so much.

So if you’re a cosplayer, or someone involved elsewhere in the scene, I’d love to hear your stories and—wherever possible (I can’t guarantee everything gets published!)—share them on this cosplay subsite.

There are two ways you can do this, either by writing it on your own Kinja blog, sending me a link to a personal blog post we can republish or sending it straight to me. I’m not fussed about what kind of story it is, whether it’s a work log, con diary, travel story, anecdote or “how to” guide. If it’s cosplay and it’s interesting, this is the perfect place to share it!

If you need reference, here are a couple of stories from 2015 that have either been written by or involved heavy input from cosplayers/cosplay types. And they were, I think, 110% better for it.