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Cosplayers lead dramatic lives. Ratchet (of Ratchet and Clank fame) cosplayer and TAY contributor division-ten told me how she encountered the official PSX Ratchet cosplayer, and they had an intense staredown. “They waited for me to put on my mask,” she said. Evidently, though, the encounter ended peacefully.


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Yo. I’m th “fake” Ratchet on the right. I made both Ratchet and Clank (strapped on my back) for about $300 on my kitchen table. The official one probably cost a few grand from a factory with access to tools. I’m glad I got to see it up close to improve my own, but there’s just some things I simply can’t do from a home operation without industrial tools. I’ll be posting build longs and other stuff here for those interested, but I’m still at PSX. Please feel free to use this space to ask any questions you have. I will cut you off with the following:

1. I’m a girl.

2. I am not a furry, I just prefer costumes that hide my identity (my other big ones are Rocket Raccoon and Gamora, and I’m building a Baymax.

3. No, the costume is not used for “nighttime activities”. I made there for charity vents when I’m not at cons. Also EW.

That said, ask away.