Cosplayer Job Site Launches In Japan

It’s called “Cos Job,” and the new recruitment site is aimed at cosplayers and the businesses that want to hire them.


As Anime Anime notes, the site is run by cosplay social-networking site Cosplay Archive, Cos Job lists help wanted ads for cosplay models as well as event companions and staff.

There are also listings for cosplay shop salespeople and other cosplay related gigs, including web design for a cosplay app.

Since the site just launched today, there aren’t that many listings. Currently, the site is Japan-only.

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Man, niche job board are just popping up everywhere these days. Specialized job boards can be better for things like cosplay and related companies though because most major job boards are dominated by larger companies that can afford to consistently pay a lot of money to have their jobs boosted to the top of searches for a limited amount of time. Doing this however, forces non-paying or non-premium companies to the bottom of the list as an intended/unintended consequence. I’m guessing that this came about because the community had issues with recruiting through normal means.