Cooking Bacon with Machine Guns Is Delicious and Lethal

Let's say you find yourself hungry with loads of uncooked bacon and an...assault rifle. Add lots and lots of bullets, and you have yourself a tasty bacon meal.


A couple YouTubers have shown how to make machine gun bacon. It looks like wrapping the bacon in tinfoil is the most effective (wiring bacon to the barrel, it seems, takes more bullets to cook). Microwaving or using a fire is probably cheaper, but not nearly as deadly.

Here's Dustin Ellermann, an M16, and bacon:

And here's MattV2099 with a semi-automatic shotgun, molasses, and bacon.

MattV2099 again, an AK47, several magazines of bullets, and bacon:

If assault rifles don't work, you can always use a flamethrower like FullMag did. That seemed to do the trick.

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Ah yes, the three pillars of American culture: greasy bacon, assault rifles and reckless use of both. Murica.