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Controllers? Pft. Watch This Guy Play Tekken With A Piano.

Sure, there are a lot of amazing fighting game players out there. But how many of them can kick ass and play the piano at the same time?


In the lineage of Soul Calibur with a fishing controller and the Doom Piano comes the Tekken piano. Using a Arduino and several other parts, one young student mapped the keys of his keyboard to an Xbox 360. The result is the video, above. He actually does fairly well too! Skip ahead to around the 1:30 mark to see it in action.


Now beat Dark Souls with it.

via Geekologie

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As both a seasoned Tekken player (been playing since the original was in arcades) and a musician, I can totally see how the game would work well being played this way. A lot of moves are simply combinations of buttons pressed simultaneously opposed to your half and quarter circle-centric fighters like Street Fighter. I can totally see mapping throws and some specials to piano chords. Pretty brilliant really. This is very cool now that I'm thinking about it. Someone should make a rhythm game that is compatible with midi controllers... Like Runner 2, but use actual instruments to play the game...

DAMN IT I wish I was better with C#. I really like this idea now and have been learning to use Unity (I started with Game Maker Studio), I'm just not that good with it yet :\