While I can’t say for sure that these references are an indication of a larger shared universe or just something fun for fans to find, I like the idea of Alan Wake and Control taking place in the same world. At the very least, I like the idea that there’s an organization making an effort to get Wake back to our dimension. He deserves a win. The reason I’m personally inclined to believe this theory, though, has to do with a band that features in both Control and Alan Wake.


In the Research sector of Control, you can find a listening room that plays a song by the band Old Guards of Asgard. The Old Guards of Asgard are also in Alan Wake and its follow up, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. If you listen to the song that plays over the credits of American Nightmare and play it backwards, you can hear someone say, “It will happen again, in another town. A town called Ordinary.” Where is Jesse Faden from? A town called Ordinary. Checkmate, motherfuckers.