Console Thefts Up 285%

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Data released by the FBI today reveals that the number of reported thefts of video game consoles in the United States in 2009 has risen by an amazing 285% over the 2007 figures.


In 2007, 11,074 consoles - and that's all consoles and handhelds lumped together - were reported stolen to authorities. In 2008, that number roughly doubled, to 21,732. And in 2009, it roughly doubled again, rising to 42,615.

The increase comes despite an overall decline in other property crimes, and probably has everything to do with the economic woes afflicting the US during this time period.

"Criminals are rational", criminologist Larry J. Siegel told USA Today. "They steal things that have high value, are easily transportable and easily sold. The most expensive thing in my house is my refrigerator, but nobody is trying to steal my refrigerator."

Thieves load up on electronic loot [USA Today]


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Folks, take down the serial numbers of all your systems, write them down and inform you homeowner's insurance. You will save yourself huge headaches.

Also, both PSN and Live allow you to set passwords beforee allowing you to access them or add funds, so that way if you do get hit, you have enough time to make sure they can't use your accounts or at least, your bank accounts.

I wish systems just came with a BIOS and a system password to make it even harder. Microsoft would do people a favor if they allowed you with all the right info to MAC ban a system from Live if you could confirm it was stolen.