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A study conducted by market research firm In-Stat indicates that video game consoles are the preeminent device for delivering web video to televisions in the U.S., generating $2.9 billion in revenue by 2013.


A few years ago, analysts predicted that media-center PCs would be showing up in huge numbers across the country as more people became computer savvy, but analysts didn't bet on the gaming industry offering a much simpler solution to getting web-based content to your television. According to In-Stat, 29% of U.S. 29 to 34-year-olds owning game consoles use said consoles to watch video streamed or downloaded from the internet. Game consoles as in-home content delivery networks are quickly gaining on the more traditional cable outlets, with a forecast of 10.7 million consoles making up a portion of the 24 million homes viewing web-to-TV content come 2013.…

"Currently Web video is largely additive to traditional TV revenue streams," says Keith Nissen, In-Stat analyst. "However, ultimately web video to the TV will force a complete restructuring of today's video distribution ecosystem."


I have to admit that when the ability to watch video on the console was first introduced I was a bit skeptical, but last night I was up until 3am watching Dexter via Netflix on my Xbox 360, so I'm just a number now.

Of course this is one of those market research reports they want large companies to purchase for $3,000, so many of the numbers they are referencing here remain a mystery. It's not that we don't care...we just don't have $3,000 worth of caring.

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