Console Overwatch Player Hilariously Proves PC Elitists Wrong

Two months ago, YouTuber DSPStanky uploaded a video where they wrecked everyone as Lucio. We’re talking, literal dancing around opponents. One of the most common responses at the time was basically “you’d never be able to do this on PC.”

DSPStanky took this response as a challenge, and started playing Overwatch on PC seriously. DSPStanky climbed the ranks, got good, and started facing off against some of the best players that platform had to offer. Guess what? Not only was DSPStanky able to run circles around these people too, the player found plenty of shitty, scrub-tier tactics on PC as well:

Appropriately, the follow-up video chronicling DSPStanky’s 50 hour solo queue ascent to 4k+ SR is named “Vindication.” My favorite part was seeing the awe and praise that enemies showered on Lucio for being so good:


Damn, son.

For those of you looking for some tips on how to get this good, DSPStanky notes that they were playing at 10 sensitivity, and that swapping between healing and speed can help because:

You can more precisely control your wall jumps by switching to heals before jumping off a wall since it’s slows you down. You can also make yourself harder to hit by switching back and forth at the right times to make it harder for people to get used to your rhythm. It also allows you to squeeze out every last drop of healing while still maintaining your speed.

The responses to this follow-up are funny, too:


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