Consider This A Bra Clarification

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In my typical Night Notes, I take pictures of silly things and talk about my daily life. I did not take this photo, even though it's slightly silly.

Japanese underwear maker Triumph recently held a press conference for this "Welcome To Japan bra". It's possible to hear "Welcome to Japan" in Chinese, Korean and English — just by pressing those gold buttons. With the APEC summit in Japan and Tokyo's Haneda Airport pushing international flights, this bra is timely.

Advertisement is simply a PR stunt. That's fine, really! Every year, Triumph shows off all sorts of crazy bras. These don't actually go on sale, and they're not for public consumption. They are, as I said, PR stunts. There seems to be some confusion in the West about these garments — that these are going on sale. Like I said, they're not.

Illustration for article titled Consider This A Bra Clarification

Here's another bra that Triumph unveiled. Likewise, not a real product! Triumph, of course, makes loads of bras, and women buy them. They do not buy these bras, however. Nor do they buy Triumph's solar-powered bra or its rice-growing bra or whatever. These are like "concept bras" more than anything. Fun to look it, but not ready to drive.

That is all. Be sure to check my Night Note on Monday when I don't post Japanese bras!


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Why do you need to state multiples times that the products are not for sale?

Is the average reader base of Kotaku that bad? Was it an attempt at humour?