Conquering the World with Flying Penguins

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Based in Seoul, Korea and Los Angeles, California, Gamevil describes itself as a world class leader in mobile game publishing. While "world class leader" is sometimes the language of arrogance or deceit, Gamevil was able to show the rest of the Korean mobile market this month that it can back its claims with numbers.


That number is 100 million, the cumulative downloads from smartphone users, including the iPhone and Android. To give you a perspective of what that number means to Koreans, 100 million is twice the population of South Korea (I know number of downloads does not indicate how many people downloaded these games; I'm just using it to give you a sense of relative scale). I had to look at the English name of the company twice, because in Korean, the pronunciation of the name is very clear. "Game-Ville." It's not Gam-Evil. To give you a global perspective, 100 million is only 1.4% of the world's population. It's not like they're out to conquer the world. Are they? Then again, it *only* took Rovio 500 million Angry Bird downloads to conquer the globe.

Gamevil proudly proclaims that they saw a 109% boost in international sales, including America and Japan, in the 2011 fiscal year. Gamevil attributes their success to the popularity of their franchises, including Baseball Superstars, Cartoon Wars, and Air Penguin. The game description for Air Penguin has a small blurb from Stephen Totilo's review of the game, which should future-proof Totilo and yours truly, should Gamevil's unmistakable designs for world domination come to fruition.


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You mention Gamevil, but not Zenonia? I think that's their most popular franchise amongst gamers.

But anyway, Baseball Superstars is a lot of fun, it a good solid game. Some of their other RPG's a decent too, if a little too close to MMO like grindiness and fetch quests.