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Congressman Calls For Health Warnings On Violent Games

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do violent video games need health warning labels? California congressman Joe Baca thinks so, and he's introduced legislation that would make them mandatory.

Citing research studies that show a link between violent video games and child aggression, Baca believes that the Consumer Product Safety Commission needs to institute a rule that all games rated T or higher be labeled with the following: "WARNING: Excessive exposure to violent video games and other violent media has been linked to aggressive behavior.”

“We must hold the video game industry accountable and do everything in our power to ensure parents are aware of the detrimental effects that violent games can have before making decisions on which games are appropriate for their children to play,” concluded Rep. Baca. “I am proud to introduce the Video Game Health Labeling Act of 2009, and am hopeful my legislation can work to stop the growing influence of violent media on America’s children and youth.”


Hey, I'm all for it, if Baca can come up with solid, irrefutable scientific proof that this is indeed the case. We've seen countless research reports arguing both sides of the subject; let's nail down something definitive before we start uglying up our game store shelves. I've a feeling this won't go anywhere and Joe Baca will go back to Kashyyyk.

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