Ricochet games can, however, be games of skill. I used to watch professional billiards on TV. I know that people who apply themselves can see the angles and bounce each shot perfectly.


I could get good at Holedown, I figure. It could be my billiards instead of my Plinko.

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But I only play mobile games when I’m distracted, in that narrow window of time on the subway when I also want to steal those moments to dig out of my backlog of podcasts and when I need to be sure I’m not standing in anyone’s way as people jostle in and out of the car at each stop.

I can’t get good at Holedown, not the way I play mobile games. I will therefore play it as an amusement, consume it like a song during a run or a hot dog during a baseball game. I’ll enjoy it, but if I think about it too much I might feel bad. I’ll assuage that guilt with a recommendation: it’s fun, it’s good, you should play it too. It’s on iOS and Android.