Illustration for article titled CONFIRMED! Even Two-Year-Olds Can Use Wii Fit

Everything you wanted to know about Wii Fit! Well, almost. Game blog Wii Fanboy has been putting pretty much anyone on the Balance Board, trying to find out, well, we're not quite sure, but they've been finding out all sorts of stuff. For example!


Wii Fit cannot register anything smaller than ten pounds.

• The shortest height you can enter is 1 foot 8 inches.

• The latest birth year you can enter is 2006.

The most interesting revolation? According to Wii Fanboy: "...The balance line continued to fluctuate even when a perfectly stationary object was standing on the board. This means that either the Balance Board is imprecise at such low weight, or that it's really precise and picked up vibrations in the floor or something." YOU DECIDE.


Wii Fit Measures My Apartment [Wii Fanboy via Joystiq]

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