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High Voltage's Conduit is already looking like it'll be one of, if not the, best-looking Wii game around. And it's a standard FPS to boot! No party games, no plastic add-ons, nothing but shooting in the first-person. Seems an awfully "core" game to be releasing exclusively on the Wii, so why'd they bother? Creative director Matt Corso has the answer:

The Wii is a really cool game system. It's worth better games than it's getting right now. There are some great games out there for the system, but it just seems like there's such an opportunity to do so much more with it. Considering it's such a popular system right now, it just doesn't make sense to not focus on making really quality games.


Matt, be a dear and fwd that onto Ubisoft and THQ, would you? A Conduit dev walkthrough's after the jump if you're at all interested.

High Voltage's Corso: Wii Deserves Better Games Than It's Getting [Gamasutra]

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