Concept Artists Want To Make Their Own Video Game

No doubt tired of doing work for other people's games, British art studio Atomhawk has announced plans to develop a game of their own.


It's called The Realm, an adventure game that's aiming for both the PC and tablet devices.

What's worth a look are two things: Atomhawk do good work, as we've seen before. They've also signed up Richard Jacques, a living legend to Sega fans, to do the soundtrack. Throw in some experienced programmers and designers and the whole thing's looking very promising.


The Realm Game [Kickstarter]

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It looks lovely, even just judging by their concept art. I'm getting an almost Journey feel from it. I think it's great that studios can just up and do things like this. If they have an idea for a game it's wonderful that they can hire people and start working on it.

I really hope to see this happen more. Why shouldn't people in the industry be able to make their own games when they work on so many others? Fresh ideas will never hurt the industry.