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Conan O'Brien Tries Games (And Hijinks) At E3 2014

Illustration for article titled Conan OBrien Tries Games (And Hijinks) At E3 2014

Looks like someone had a great time at this year's E3. Conan O'Brien returned to the show to check out Sunset Overdrive, take part in some creepy-funny chats at various stages and to take an embarrassingly close look at Project Morpheus.


Here's the full clip:


Conan Visits E3 2014 [Team Coco, YouTube]

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I think I would find Conan's video game coverage more charming if I actually felt like he sincerely enjoyed video gaming. Even on his clueless gamer segments, it always seems like he is just in it as a source of cheap jokes that rely heavily on negative stereotypes about gamers.