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Conan O'Brien Has Some Really Morbid Death Scenarios for Archie

The iconic comic book hero Archie Andrews dies a heroic death in the final issue of Life with Archie #36 while saving the life of one of his friends. His death is really tragic and meaningful, but Conan O'Brien's here with some not-so-heroic alternatives.


Rejected Archie Death Scenarios [Team Coco, YouTube]

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It's really fucking bizarre how incredibly relevant and interesting ARCHIE comics have gotten in the past four years. ARCHIE fucking comics.

You know, when I was growing up? Archie was an oddity. Those little digests that were at the checkout lane all the time that nobody read and nobody liked if they tried to.

Now Archie is in the news every other month with daring social commentary storylines. Archie is getting great reviews (wait, no: Archie is ACTUALLY GETTING REVIEWED) by comics outlets.

Archie fucking matters now. That's great for the publisher, but it feels like an alternate universe.

It's kind of like if someone came up to me and said "You know what's been critically acclaimed for the past few years? Garfield!"

Like... what... how?