Monolith wanted $80,000 for a Conan The Barbarian board game. They're on track to get over $1 million.

With 23 days left to go on a Kickstarter campaign, which wants to bring the writings of Robert E. Howard to a co-op/adversarial board game setting, the project has already raised over $700,000.


The game, simply called Conan, sounds simple enough. 1-4 players team up as Conan and his "fellow adventurers", and have to do battle against another player who assumes the role of the "overlord", who controls "hordes of savage tribesmen, no-good lowlifes and undead minions".

Both the adventurers and the overlord's armies are represented by badass plastic miniatures.

It's not a cheap game — the lowest tier that'll get you a copy is $90 — but seeing as you get so much stuff with it (miniatures, two game boards) that seems pretty reasonable, at least in terms of board game pricing.

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