"Comprehensive" Fallout: New Vegas Patch Will Hopefully Fix A Broken Game

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Fallout: New Vegas is pretty fun when it's not breaking down on you. Problem is, that happens a lot. Hopefully a "comprehensive" patch due for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in the "coming weeks" will fix that.

While there's sadly no firmer timeframe on when to expect what for many will be a game-saving remedy, we do know the 360 version's save game issue should be fixed, "along with a number of other issues being reported".


In the meantime, PC users on NVIDIA hardware like myself suffering from crummy performance in many areas will be getting a separate patch in the next day or two that fixes not just that problem but more save game issues and companion AI problems as well.

It's a shame when you have to get excited over patches, but with this game's engine - which marries the deep technical lows with giddying exploratory highs - it's par for the course.

More news on New Vegas updates [Bethesda]

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60 hours played:

1 clearly noticeable texture error.

1 freeze when loading

1 Unfinishable quest

1 time did my companions disappear.

A couple of enemies stuck in terrain.

Otherwise New Vegas ran as smooth as the devs intended.

Fallout New Vegas is the best Fallout game we've had in ten years and I have only good things to say about it.

This is for the PC users.

If you folks are having trouble, DO recognize the following:

The game uses the old Oblivion engine, it doesn't do as well on Vista and Windows 7 as it does on Windows XP. It does not make great use of multi-core systems, it has trouble with modern graphics cards, the memory handling could be better and it becomes unstable if your OS is unstable.

So start by making sure your computer is as good as it gets, clean out all those viruses and trojans because some of you reading this right now have them, free up some space on your OS partition, delete some unnecessary crap, defragment, check harddrives for error and update drivers.You know REGULAR COMPUTER MAINTENANCE you're supposed to do. A messy system will cause game instability and the gamebryo engine is fragile, it will break.