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Comparing Nintendo Switch Sales To The Wii's And The Wii U's

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Nintendo Switch sure is doing great. Previously, we’ve seen how its sales numbers compare with the PS4's, but let’s now look at how it stacks up with Nintendo’s last two consoles.

The comparison is interesting, because the Wii, of course, was a smash hit. The Wii U was not.

These sales charts appeared at Nintendo’s most recent financial presentation. “Because the Nintendo Switch launch was not timed to the holiday season, you cannot make a simple comparison between platforms,” said Nintendo honcho Tatsumi Kimishima during the presentation of these graphs.


“However,” he continued, “Nintendo Switch is establishing itself at a record pace, with the first 10 months of sales in North America exceeding even those for Wii, which had been our previous fastest-selling home console.”