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Commander Shepard Passes The Torch In Mass Effect: Andromeda's N7 Day Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s November 7—N7 Day for Mass Effect fans—and Bioware kicks off the celebration with a montage of archival space footage with Jennifer Hale talking over it. Hooray!

To be fair it is nice to hear the voice of female Commander Shepard, who will not be appearing in the next chapter of the Mass Effect saga, approving the next generation of explorers slated to appear in Andromeda next holiday season.


That said, this video is a whole lot of nothing. I understand the game is still a long way out, but at least we got some spiffy in-engine cinematics during the E3 reveal earlier this year.

Maybe we’ll get something nicer (though likely not Andromeda related) from Bioware once the official N7 day festivities kick off at noon Eastern. And thanks to the random YouTube channel (via Gamespot) that posted a mirror of the video once the official channel realized they’d released it too early.


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