Why does Wonder Woman remind me of my mother? Does dressing as Starfox make you a furry? Isn't being asked to pose every other minute annoying? These questions answered in my last Comic-Con cosplay post.

My mother, a 5'11" tall former dance instructor with long, dark hair (it's reddish now, but don't let the dye fool you), used to tell me a story of being chased through the Los Angeles airport by Japanese tourists who thought she was Linda Carter of Wonder Woman TV show fame. So while you folks are oogling the above costume and readying your comic book-based sexual references, I am thinking about my mom.

Stop that.

This guy made himself an amazing Bumble-Bay costume, but found he had little energy left over to make his lady friend anything nearly as elaborate. This is generally how things go with men. Nice body suit though.


"Don't you guys get tired of people asking you to stop every other minute to pose for pictures?" I ask these two gentlemen. "No, we love it." the both answer in unison.

So I followed them around for the next 2 hours, asking them to stop every minute and a half for another picture.


Okay, I didn't do that, but I thought it.

Does wearing a Starfox costume make you a furry? The wearer seemed horrified when I suggested it, but then I explained that I was with Kotaku, and he resigned himself to his fate. Someone is going to call him a furry. It might as well be you guys.