The main problem with sending fans of things anime, comic book, and video game related to a giant anime, comic book, and video game related convention, is the lack of infinite money at our fingertips.

So far we've been pretty restrained. Yesterday's crowds offered little time to browse the wares at the various booths, and Hasbro cutting off their sales line before we arrived meant there was to be no Soundwave goodness for this Transformers fan, but I did manage to spend roughly $150 within an hour of hitting the show floor.

So far I have two Star Ocean: The Last Hope Play Arts figures and a Dissidia Zidane, due to my great love for Final Fantasy IX. I also swung by the UDON booth to pick up the hardcover version of the Darkstalkers Tribute art book for $80.

My list of wants is still large, however, and it remains to be seen how much I am going to have to borrow from my brother at the end of this month to make rent.


So far McWhertor's damage has been confined solely to his liver.