Comedy Game Will Let A Live Audience Heckle Your Bad Jokes

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Stand-up comedy can be a fraught profession. If you’re not knocking the audience dead after a minute or two, you’re dying up there. Sometimes, you even get hecklers. If, however, you think you’re funny enough to do stand-up on the internet, where everyone’s a heckler, Comedy Night might be up your alley.

Comedy Night is an upcoming Steam game where you’ll perform comedy on a virtual stage (but with your own microphone and mouth), either on your own or while facing off with another comedian. The audience will be made up of real people, who can encourage you, heckle you, or even vote you off the stage.

It seems like the sort of thing that’ll be great fun with the right group of people, but agonizing if comedians and crowds don’t click. Art imitates life, etc.


Comedy Night is actually a pseudo-sequel to an Xbox 360 indie game that only got a little buzz, so it’ll be interesting to see if the idea catches on in 2017, a year that, so far, has doubled as an endless, overly on-the-nose joke. In fairness, the one thing 2017 has done right is video games, so Comedy Night certainly has that going for it.

Comedy Night will be out sometime this month. The developers are currently looking for beta testers.

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