Come Cover E3 With Kotaku: Contest Kick Off

If you want to come to E3 with Kotaku you can't be dead weight. That's my job.

The winner of our Cover E3 with Kotaku contest is going to have to have the writing chops to sift through the seething turmoil of gaming and come out alive and with something to post on Kotaku. Lots of somethings in fact.


So we've crafted a little two-step audition for our readers. The first step is meant to test your reporting skills. The second step is meant to test your writing.

This is what we'd like you to do:

Dig through the site and find the headline for the first posts written on Kotaku by myself, Stephen Totilo, Mike McWhertor and Brian Ashcraft. (There are two possible answers for McWhertor, both acceptable)


Email the list of headlines to KotakuContest[AT]gmail[DOT] com with the subject line E3, by Monday, May 18 at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time.

We will select a dozen finalists randomly from those who turn in the correct answers by our deadline. Step two, which we will explain next week, will involve turning in writing samples which the Kotaku staff will judge to select a winner.

The winner will receive paid travel from within the U.S. or Canada to LA, meal vouchers, hotel, and transportation to and from the hotel and to and from the convention center, all on Eidos Interactive and Batman Arkham Asylum's dime. They will also receive a press pass for E3 and plenty o assignments from me to cover stuff therein.

Entrants need to be 21 or older and prepared to travel on very short notice. Be there or be square.


Full contest rules here.

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Goddamnit, I won't be 21 until the end of the summer. ;___;